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Sixth Grade

Rebecca Jenkins –

April Morgan –

Shirley Renfroe  –

Jackie Williams –

Sixth grade is a transitional year. Our teachers help students bridge from an elementary to an upper school environment. We focus on organization, study skills, moving from class to class in a timely way, peer relationships, etc…

Our curriculum is excellent! We introduce top level academics with a Christian emphasis in a loving environment. Each week our students participate in the core subjects of math, science, history, Bible, English, and literature. In addition to those subjects, they engage in art, Spanish, computer, library, music, and PE.

One of our special learning experiences includes a trip to Washington DC. It is an amazing trip that teaches students and their parents all about DC in an interactive and independent way. Other trips include The American Village, a Civil War reenactment, Daniel Boone day at Tannehill, and other exciting trips as they arise.

Sixth grade at A.C.A. is something that no student should miss. Come visit, and experience it for yourself. Our teachers and students would love to welcome you.